Plan Your Trip

  1. ReservationsYou should reserve your time at the Preserve as soon as possible. Your field trip is not reserved until you have submitted the Reservation Form and received a confirmation email from the Preserve.
  2. Fee is $5 per person (teachers are free); minimum group size is 16, so the minimum group fee is $80, regardless of group size. Maximum group size (students only) is 50. Please make plans to pay for the entire group with a single check (chaperones & parents included) made out to Pettit Preserve.
  3. Parking - The Preserve has very limited parking space. Groups not using buses should arrange to carpool to minimize impact on Preserve roads & habitat.
  4. Recommended clothing: Outerwear suitable for weather; closed shoes (NO sandals or flip flops); Long pants are best.
  5. Students who have emergency medication prescribed by a physician for life threatening allergies are required to bring meds to camp for safety reasons!
  6. Restrooms: While the Preserve does have a restroom at the Learning Shed, groups should encourage members to use restroom facilities before coming to the Preserve to avoid long lines & lengthy waits, which take time away from the educational experience.
  7. Water: If your group plans to hike the 1.6 mi trail please plan to bring water bottles (preferably reusable ones!)
  8. Inclement weather: All appointments for field trips are kept unless the National Weather Service issues a severe weather warning, in which case Preserve staff will contact you, Our trails are designed so that rain the day before an event will NOT hamper your visit. Please remember that weather conditions at the Preserve may not be the same as at your group’s origination point. If you have any questions the week before you visit, please contact the Education Coordinator.
  9. Snack/lunch: If your reserved time falls during lunch, you are welcome to picnic at the Preserve. Please notify staff in advance if you plan to do so.
  10. Payment is expected no later than the day of your trip; you may pay as soon as you arrive the day of your trip. If parents/chaperones decide at the last minute to come with their child, they must pay cash with exact change & you should identify them to staff.
  11. Staff Contact:Mary Ann Pawlowski​​ is the Preserve Education Coordinator. If you have any questions about logistics or educational goals for your trip, please contact her at 678-446-5611 or
  12. Please inform parents/chaperones that are driving separate from the group that we are NOT affiliated with Pettit Creek Farms – we have occasionally had parents miss their child’s trip due to this confusion

GPS NOTE: Online Maps and GPS software may lead you astray getting to our location. Please click here to see a list of directions.