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Gay Pettit Dellinger

The Preserve’s History

The mission of The Margaret and Luke Pettit Environmental Preserve, Inc. is to act as guardian and steward for land under its auspices; to responsibly conserve the land; and to judiciously use the land for education and research.
The Margaret and Luke Pettit Environmental Preserve, Inc. was founded in 1999 when Gay Pettit Dellinger and her children donated 60 acres of forest and lake in memory of Gay’s parents, Margaret and Luke Pettit.
Rather than the concept of “No Child Left Behind,” The Pettit Preserve encourages all ages to explore the forest and lake, creating a new notion of “No One Left Behind.” In a digitally-focused world, spending time outdoors is not only wholesome, but necessary and empowering. No matter your age, from Kindergarten to adulthood, there is always a new experience to undergo, knowledge to acquire, and memories to be made. Start your next outdoor adventure at the Preserve.

A few reasons families, children, and outdoor explorers choose us:

  • Gay Pettit Dellinger Nature Center (main building)
  • Ann & John Collins Trail (1.7 miles)
  • James Randall Roe/Toyo Trail (.25 miles)
  • Rotary Loop Trail (.65 miles)
  • Frog Pit seating area
  • Wood Duck Nesting Boxes
  • Learning Shed with picnic tables/benches
  • 36’ Swinging Bridge
  • 72’ Floating Bridge
  • Boardroom for Planet Earth – stone amphitheater
  • Lakeside Amphitheater
  • Over 50 Tree ID Markers
  • Dam Pavilion picnic area
As a non-profit corporation, we offer quarterly programs, monthly hikes, children/youth camps, and school filed trips, as well as a venue for business and family events.
We hope to give families a chance to connect outdoors, children an opportunity to learn and grow, and adventurers of all ages a place to relax, explore, and return to often.
Grab your friends, neighbors, kids, and dogs and head our way for some sunshine and activities. We hope you’ll visit us soon.

Board members and staff

Billy Fleetwood – Executive Director
Executive Board

Dee Bishop – President
Ann Warren – Vice President
Kelley Lemmings – Treasurer
Alison Moore – Secretary

Board members

Marlu Dellinger
Tom Hall
Jamie Lee Tucker
Alan Sanders
Helen Taylor
TJ Hemphill
Brenda Morehouse
Lori Albea

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